Are you tired to worrying an attack and viral infection habitually?
Why don't you introduce anti-virus software in such a case?
It is the comfort which is going to hold the damage in check beforehand before the anti-virus software is infected with a virus and is attacked.
Of course it is tens of thousands of and a certain thing, but the kind introduces the structure and function here all over the world.

Learn a pattern.

This method is used as means facing a virus discovered in a past.
A pattern file means the database of a virus used for it.
When I give it about the characteristic of the pattern file,


The pattern file is written down about a characteristic and the function of the virus and actions to be taken in something like search for a wanted man book of the virus finely.
In addition, quick correspondence is enabled because I know everything about the characteristic about the virus which has been already found.


As for the pattern file, a lot of things published in a fixed period cannot be equivalent to the latest virus.
Therefore it do its best to be always equivalent to a virus to always update it.

I easily explained the characteristic of the pattern file by the above, but then how will you settle a new pattern file?
Peeping Tom comes over a little, and let's look.

make a pattern file

1.At first , prepare a trap catching a virus.

Because I want to know the virus in detail, at first I prepare a computer to transmit viruses.
And I transmit viruses daringly there. Of course there is no harm because it is the computer as the trap.

2.analyze a virus

I check the virus which showed real nature by a trap wonderfully in detail.
It is delivered as a new pattern file as soon as analysis, an object method are found by automatic analysis software because, as is expected, it is the work that a bone compromises with that live on manual operation then.
However, there seems to be the part which I still analyze by manual operation when I cannot automatically analyze it including the case that a virus was special.

careful with "an imitation"

You may not have to leave anti-virus software one even if you intend to put it early.
In fact, there is a lot of vicious software which pretended to be anti-virus software.Thing to promote obstinately that such a software has a kind in various ways and purchases a product version and anti-virus software in itself as for the virus there can be the thing.
Such a vicious anti-virus software pretends to be common anti-virus software and installs it when I download it without permission when I accessed the vicious site and invades it by a method to enter before I know the free software distributed in a various place
We who write a site of enlightenment saying in this way have experience.
Such a vicious anti-virus software includes the following things.

System Care Antivirus

This software checks the computer automatically, and a warning screen comes out to a lot of screens in spite of there not being really a virus, and the warning sentence of having said that you must purchase it for a product appears in the end of to get rid of the viruses, and computery prevents it from being possible.
The regular anti-virus software does not have the function such as limiting computery because a virus was detected.

Smart Guard Protection

When this software is the same and checks the computer automatically, warning is given in spite of there not being a virus and does not disappear until transfer of the money completes it.

Security Cleaner Pro

Both imitation anti-virus software does a lifelike screen and deceive us.
In addition, some imitation anti-virus software is to watch out because there is the thing carrying a dangerous virus.
Then why will such a thing enter without permission?
The cases that it neglected security update owing to a really simple thing are often found.
Therefore you must keep it in mind to update it as soon as update information appeared.