In now, Internet dependent is a serious problem among teens. Do you know what is it?
We will introduce how to overcome Internet dependent.

What is Internet dependent?

dry_eye Internet dependent influences your life.
For example, lack of sleep,night owl,decreased visual acuity,dry eye, and tendovaginitis.
Of course, countermeasure is developed, but it is lag behind other developed country.
Why do teens become Internet dependent?
Because online games and SNS are progressing.
If you become Internet dependent, there are only bad effects that harm your health.
You should play online game in moderation.

How to overcome?

To create an environment that does not touch the Internet even a little is important.
We will introduce some of methots.
  • Stop using Internet by one hour before going to bed.
  • Think of the lost time
  • make some hobbies
  • stay otherpeople's house
  • Take a nap about 20 minutes
  • Face to yourself
...and so on.
Internet dependent is becoming social issues.
We need awareness.